Shoe Boxes & Organisers

Shoe storage boxes and organisers take the guesswork out of locating what you're looking for as they make everything visible at a glance. We've got shoe and boot storage boxes made from clear plastic, cardboard and fabric as well as multi-pocket hanging organisers to neaten up your wardrobe.

Shoe Boxes and Shoe Drawers

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for Shoe Boxes and Shoe Drawers. We have a wide selection in all shapes and sizes. Find what you need in fabric, cardboard and plastic. A wide range to fit all your gorgeous courts and canvas shoes, brogues and ballerinas, sandles to slingbacks. There'll be something perfect to store those lovely ankle boots and knee-high boots too.

They’re also ideal for storing out of season footwear. Tidy away your winter boots, ankle boots, high heels in summer and for flip flops, sandles and jelly shoes in winter.

Our clear see-through plastic Shoe Storage Boxes are great to protect your precious Jimmy Choo’s, Gucci’s or Valentino’s. They'll still be easily visible at a glance, so you can pick out the perfect pair for your outfit.

Our Shoe Boxes are stackable to make the most of your vertical space. Have them on the floor, on a shelf or in your wardrobe. Or store them under your bed – or even build them around space under the stairs and in alcoves etc.

Shoe Organisers

Turn your shoe storage boxes upside down. Why not have hanging Shoe Organisers that hang down from your wardrobe’s rail? They save space at the base of your wardrobe and floor space in your bedroom.

Hanging Shoe Organisers also mean you can sort out your shoe mountain once and for all. Keep them in pairs all in one place. Get rid of those “I’ve got one, now where’s the other one gone?” nightmares when you’re in a hurry to get out of the door.

Our Shoe Organisers are so easy to fit. You’ve no need to take down your rail, it has thousands of hook ’n’ loop fastening. We’re not allowed to call it Velcro as that’s a brand name.