Spice Racks

Create an organised food prep area with one of our stylish spice racks. We've got traditional countertop spice racks and extending in-drawer solutions as well as spice steps and herb pots.

When you’re in the throes of a culinary masterpiece, you need all your herbs and spices easily to hand, so you can add a bit here, tweak a bit there until it comes out perfect. So have all your herb and spice pots in one place so they’re easily to hand, to grab and sprinkle.

We have counter-top Spice Racks, plus clever Spice Steppers – rows of raised mesh steps so you can see at a glance the bottle to pick: it’s perfect for worktops, shelves and inside cupboards.

Or store them inside a drawer with our Extendable In-Drawer Spice Rack, then you can keep all your worktops free.

Dried herbs are fine, but nothing beats the great taste of fresh herbs. So we have Herb Pots and Planters for you to grow your own by your kitchen window.

Ok, we can’t resist: we just have to tell you about our favourite Garlic Card. It’s not storage, but is a great… or even a grate… kitchen gadget. You just rub a clove over the bobbly base: it beats fiddly garlic presses and graters, and cuts all the fuss, the mess and the cleaning afterwards as it’s dishwasher safe too!