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Updated: 01/04/2020

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£ 12 .00

Lovely little 5 jar spice rack sitting within an integrated cork base unit. Great for the kitchen countertop to keep your favourite herbs and spices close to

£ 10 .00

Our spice steps are a great way to organise all those smaller spice jars and other tins so you can see right at the back of the cupboard without having to struggle

£ 19 .00

Clear plastic expandable spice storage rack to organise spices in your kitchen drawers.

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£ 13 .50

Store your choice of herbs in this clever twin pot and you'll never have to worry about them wilting on the windowsill as the pot has an innovative built-in hydro watering system.

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£ 35 .00

Potsy is a simple and modern planter that effortlessly brings a pop of greenery to any environment. The pots come in a trio - pair together or separately.

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£ 45 .00

Give empty wall space a touch of greenery by adding this pitched roof plant pot holder. Perfect for adding herbs, plants or flowers.

Choose from 6 bright colours

£ 4 .00

Forget fiddly garlic presses and graters, the ingenious Garlic Card cuts the fuss and the mess Click to read more...

£ 9 .00

Organise your packet mixes, sauce sachets and spice packs in our stepped sachet store. Great item to help organise your kitchen cupboards.

£ 29 .00

Maximise cupboard storage and get easy access to the very back of the cupboard at all times with our sliding mesh 2 drawer organiser. Each basket slides out completely so you can take it wherever you need it.

£ 12 .50

A great space saving item to give you extra space in those voluminous kitchen cupboards where there's never enough shelf space.

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£ 10 .00

Set of three fabric vegetable storage bags with a first-in, first-out system so you can be assured you're always using-up the oldest veg first.

More about this range

When you’re in the throes of a culinary masterpiece, you need all your herbs and spices easily to hand, so you can add a bit here, tweak a bit there until it comes out perfect. So have all your herb and spice pots in one place so they’re easily to hand, to grab and sprinkle.

We have counter-top Spice Racks, plus clever Spice Steppers – rows of raised mesh steps so you can see at a glance the bottle to pick: it’s perfect for worktops, shelves and inside cupboards.

Or store them inside a drawer with our Extendable In-Drawer Spice Rack, then you can keep all your worktops free.

Dried herbs are fine, but nothing beats the great taste of fresh herbs. So we have Herb Pots and Planters for you to grow your own by your kitchen window.

Ok, we can’t resist: we just have to tell you about our favourite Garlic Card. It’s not storage, but is a great… or even a grate… kitchen gadget. You just rub a clove over the bobbly base: it beats fiddly garlic presses and graters, and cuts all the fuss, the mess and the cleaning afterwards as it’s dishwasher safe too!