Cupboard & Drawer Organisers

Keep your kitchen cupboards and drawers neat and tidy with our great range of storage products. We've got plate racks and stacking shelves, under shelf and over cabinet baskets as well as drawer and cutlery organisers.

We’ve a full range of stacking and storing solutions from Storage Baskets to . Plus we've kitchen storage for Plate Racks, to storage for cling film, baking paper or tin foil; racks for pots and pans and lids in cupboards. We've even Under-Sink Storage, Fridge Storage; Cutlery Organisers.

Many kitchen items are awkwardly shaped: bottles, condiments, spice bottles etc. – so it’s hard to stack anything on top and all that ‘above space’ is wasted. We’ve clever stacking solutions for inside your cupboard with Mesh Stacking Shelves to secure pots, plates, bowls, cups and ramekin dishes, jars, small bottles, water bottles, glasses and more etc. We even have Under Shelf Baskets that hang down from the middle shelf in cupboards so you maximise every inch of vertical space.

Counters and worktops also need just as much order and organising. So we have Stands, Bins and Baskets for cutlery, crockery, food, fruit, eggs, tea, olive oils, vinegars, kitchen utensils, cookbooks, and kitchen roll.

Plus, we even have plate racks that are brilliantly designed to fit round plates into square corners. Storage doesn’t need to be on the shelf either: we’ve solutions that hang down, so you use the space you’ve got more effectively both top and bottom.

Drawers: If you’ve got one of those ‘shove everything in’ drawers that swallow everything and then hides it, then we’ve great news. Our Drawer Organisers have lots of dividers, so everything has its own special place and nothing gets lost. And see our Cutlery Trays and E-x-p-a-n-d-a-b-l-e Cutlery Trays too, so you can grab the items you want and put them back neatly afterwards.

Don’t forget under your kitchen sink. Yes, it’s an awkward shape with the U-bend in the way, but our clever Under Sink Organisers and Baskets show you how to make the most of your space.