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Updated: 15/08/2020

Full Range

£ 16 .00

Handy folding shelf to create extra storage space inside your cupboards. Can be stacked as shown to maximise your available space.

£ 12 .50

Handy folding shelf to create extra storage space inside your cupboards. Can be stacked and also used with its larger relative.

£ 15 .00

A great space saving item to give you extra space in those voluminous kitchen cupboards where there's never enough shelf space.

£ 35 .00

Maximise cupboard storage and get easy access to the very back of the cupboard. Each basket slides out completely so you can take it wherever you need it.

£ 12 .50

Tiered spice steps to organise spice jars in your kitchen cupboards or on your countertop.

£ 12 .00

Organise your packet mixes, sauce sachets and spice packs in our stepped sachet store. Great item to help organise your kitchen cupboards.

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£ 10 .00

Kitchen cupboard organiser with 4 compartments to neatly store sachets, packets and pouches.

£ 34 .00

White and light wood Scandi-style large kitchen storage basket with built in handles. Great for organising the inside of a kitchen cupboard or counter.

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£ 24 .00

3-tier Scandinavian inspired dessert stand crafted from white powder coated steel and light wood.

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£ 29 .50

Help create your own stylish afternoon tea from the comfort of your home with this three tier serving stand. Great for teatime treats!

£ 35 .00

Stack your plates vertically with our innovative triple vertical plate stacker rack to create near-instant extra cupboard/worktop space and easy access.

£ 16 .00

Stack your plates vertically with our innovative vertical plate stacker rack to create near-instant extra cupboard space and easy access

£ 5 .00

Freestanding stainless steel corner plate rack. Perfect to organise countertops or for buffets when the whole family come to visit.


£ 20 .00

Plastic pegboard system with adjustable pegs to store and organise your pots and pans.

£ 17 .00

Pair of stacking and extending chromed shelves to create extra room inside kitchen cupboards.


£ 16 .00

Use this handy extendable storage shelf to create extra room inside kitchen cupboards.

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£ 12 .00

Stackable wirework basket with label holder to organise your pantry, kitchen cupboards, countertops etc.

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£ 11 .00

Wedge-shaped wire storage basket. Ideal for making better use of corner cupboards. Buy 8 to complete a full circle to use in a lazy susan corner cupboard.

£ 10 .00

Neat acrylic water bottle holder to pop inside a cupboard or on a kitchen counter to bring some organisation to the families drinking bottles.

£ 10 .00

Handy rust proof wine glass drying rack suitable for air drying 6 glasses. The foldable design makes it easy to store when not in use.

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£ 3 .00

This small lid and plate kitchen storage rack is ideal for keeping pan lids and smaller plates organised and at hand in cupboards or on countertops.

£ 16 .00

Use this handy extendable storage shelf to create extra room inside kitchen cupboards or on worktops.


£ 9 .00

Sturdy metal storage rack to keep casserole and serving dishes stacked neat and tidy inside your cupboards or on your countertop.


£ 9 .00

3 tier corner organiser shelf. Ideal for storing plates, bowls and other crockery items on a kitchen counter or in a cupboard.


£ 38 .00

Sturdy expandable under sink storage unit with adjustable shelves that'll fit around your plumbing to clear the clutter

New Low Price

£ 13 .00

Create additional cupboard space by hanging this clever basket on the inside of a cupboard door. Great for sandwich bags, dishwasher tablets etc.

£ 14 .00

Over cabinet carrier bag dispenser. A quick and convenient solution to an age-old problem! Holds approximately 50 bags.

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£ 40 .00

Set of 2 storage baskets crafted from grey chunky cotton rope. A gorgeous alternative to plastic or wicker.

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£ 17 .00

Set of 2 fridge binz to keep your fridge clean, tidy and spill free.

£ 4 .00

Extra small transparent storage bin and lid for use in the fridge, kitchen cupboards etc. Ideal for garlic, cherry tomatoes, blueberries etc.

More about this range

We’ve a full range of stacking and storing solutions from Storage Baskets to . Plus we've kitchen storage for Plate Racks, to storage for cling film, baking paper or tin foil; racks for pots and pans and lids in cupboards. We've even Under-Sink Storage, Fridge Storage; Cutlery Organisers.

Many kitchen items are awkwardly shaped: bottles, condiments, spice bottles etc. – so it’s hard to stack anything on top and all that ‘above space’ is wasted. We’ve clever stacking solutions for inside your cupboard with Mesh Stacking Shelves to secure pots, plates, bowls, cups and ramekin dishes, jars, small bottles, water bottles, glasses and more etc. We even have Under Shelf Baskets that hang down from the middle shelf in cupboards so you maximise every inch of vertical space.

Counters and worktops also need just as much order and organising. So we have Stands, Bins and Baskets for cutlery, crockery, food, fruit, eggs, tea, olive oils, vinegars, kitchen utensils, cookbooks, and kitchen roll.

Plus, we even have plate racks that are brilliantly designed to fit round plates into square corners. Storage doesn’t need to be on the shelf either: we’ve solutions that hang down, so you use the space you’ve got more effectively both top and bottom.

Drawers: If you’ve got one of those ‘shove everything in’ drawers that swallow everything and then hides it, then we’ve great news. Our Drawer Organisers have lots of dividers, so everything has its own special place and nothing gets lost. And see our Cutlery Trays and E-x-p-a-n-d-a-b-l-e Cutlery Trays too, so you can grab the items you want and put them back neatly afterwards.

Don’t forget under your kitchen sink. Yes, it’s an awkward shape with the U-bend in the way, but our clever Under Sink Organisers and Baskets show you how to make the most of your space.