Wardrobe Storage

Maximise your wardrobe storage by choosing the storage solutions that best suit you. We've got shoe boxes and shoe racks, tie racks and scarf hangers as well as organiser sets and clothes rails.

It’s not just your bedroom or dressing room floor where you can maximise the space. Try inside your wardrobe. As well as all the boxes we’ve talked about already, we also have special Shoe Shelves and Shoe Drawers, plus Wardrobe Storage Drawers.

Elfa is our multi-talented solution maker for every room and helps here too. So we have Mesh Storage Kits, or entire Elfa storage solutions with racks and shelves that you can fix to the inside of your wardrobe or an alcove or have them freestanding.

And don’t forget your bedroom door: we have clever Over Door Storage solutions to use this often overlooked piece of storage space.