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Updated: 21/09/2020

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£ 23 .00

Grey fabric storage box with hinged lid and front handle. Great for bedroom storage.

£ 26 .00

Grey fabric storage box with lid and carry handle. Great for bedroom storage.

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£ 65 .00

Rustic yet contemporary brown felt log storage basket with wooden carry handles.

£ 25 .00

Large hessian under bed storage chest with handle and removable lid.

£ 19 .00

Smaller version of our hessian under bed storage chest with lid. Great for tighter spaces, on top of wardrobes etc.

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£ 40 .00

Set of 2 storage baskets crafted from grey chunky cotton rope. A gorgeous alternative to plastic or wicker.


£ 34 .00

Set of 3 sturdy large canvas bags to clear the clutter. Great for toys, or how about in the living room for newspapers or knitting and ideal for towels.

£ 16 .50

Grey fabric lidded storage box with star design. Great for hiding away clutter.

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£ 5 .00

Heavy duty nylon folding storage box with handles and lid.

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£ 30 .00

Tough & durable large canvas storage bag. Perfect for clearing away toys at the end of the day.

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£ 20 .00

Tough & durable canvas storage bag in our smaller size.


£ 9 .00

Set of 2 fabric baskets. Ideal for any room in the house to store cosmetics and life's daily clutter. Choose from Green, Purple, Red, Blue or Black

£ 2 .00

White foldable storage box with a subtle swirl design made from a sturdy non-woven fabric.

£ 4 .00

White foldable storage box made from a sturdy non-woven fabric with a swirl design.

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£ 36 .00

This set of three water hyacinth baskets come with integral handles and metal internal frame for added strength.

£ 8 .00

These linen effect soft storage cubes are ideal for using alone or popping into our Handbridge storage cubes for a more modernised look for your living room.

More about this range

Our Weave and Reed Boxes and Baskets are different to the Wicker and Seagrass versions. So they are either made entirely of felt, hessian, pandan, canvas, fibre, nylon – or they cover over MDF, fibreboard or cardboard.

We have Log Baskets, Magazine Racks, Laundry Baskets, Underbed Storage Cabinets, Storage Bags, Storage Boxes and Cubes, plus space-saving Foldable Storage.