Wellington Racks & Boot Storage

Keep your home free from muddy boots with our range of wellington and boot storage products. We've got outdoor welly stores, free-standing and wall-mounted boot racks as well as mats, boot brushes, scrapers and jacks.

We know that boots need their own special storage both inside and outdoors. To make them easy to find, we’ve grouped it all here for you.  We’ve lots of Wellington Boot Racks. You may call them welly boot racks or even racks for wellies, we’re not fussy. They’re a brilliant way to stop mud, dirt and more in its tracks – and keep your boots warm, clean and dry for next time.

For indoors, in your porchway, or by the back door we have solid wooden Boot Units and Boot Benches. Ideal if you want to sit down in a boot room to put on or pull off your boots. We’ve also freestanding and wall mounted metal or wooden Boot Racks. With these, your boots and wellies can hang upside down and the insides stay dry and warm for next time.

For outdoors we also have Boot Hooks and Boot Racks made from wood or cast-iron-effect steel. Your boots will remain dry as they stay upside down. We also have mini-covered Boot Sheds so that wellingtons, riding boots and walking boots can conveniently be left outside. They are stored under cover, protected from the rain and snow.

We also have other boot solutions. Such as Boot Brushes to remove mud, plus Boot Jacks so it’s easy to get your boots off your feet.