Hot Movers>>60cm x 50cm Ventilated Shelf - White
60cm x 50cm Ventilated Shelf - White
extra deep 50cm ventilated elfa shelf that's 60cm wide
Thanks to the power of happy customers we're delighted to introduce this 50cm deep ventilated elfa shelf

Our new 50cm ventilated shelves are ideal for wardrobe interiors, pantry shelving or airing cupboards as they allow air to circulate around the items your storing. For a perfect fit, our elfa shelves can be easily cut to size.

Each shelf is powder coated and for a stylish bookshelf, our elfa shelving can be edged with a fascia of either solid birch or walnut. Elfa bookends are also available.

Dimensions: 60.7cm wide x 49.4cm deep
Price : £15.49
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