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Plan your own wardrobe or storage solution using elfa shelving helping you to create flexible storage, shelving and drawer systems for any room of the home.

Elfa Craft Narrow Strip - 90cm
Elfa Mesh Storage Bag
Elfa Spanner & Wrench Store
Elfa Circle Hooks - Pack of 3
Elfa Hook Rack - 54cm
Elfa Circle Hook
£3.38    £2.70
Elfa Door and Wall DVD Rack
Elfa Decor Fascia - 60cm
Elfa Decor Shelf - 60cm x 50cm
£62.50    £50.00
Elfa Decor Trouser Glider
Elfa Decor Shelf - 90cm x 50cm
£77.92    £62.34
Elfa Decor Bracket Hook
Elfa Decor Shelf - 60cm x 40cm
Back SoonElfa Flat Shelf for Drawer Towers
Elfa Decor Shelf - 120cm x 50cm
£84.15    £67.32
Elfa Frame Clips
Elfa Freestanding Feet - 47cm
£38.00    £30.40
Elfa Shelf Clips
Elfa Gift Wrap Holder
Elfa Top Track - 1855mm
Elfa T&L Crossbars - 45cm
Elfa Decor Fascia - 45cm
Elfa T Crossbars - 35cm
Elfa Bike Storage Solution
Elfa 45cm Gliding Drawer & Basket - Shallow
Elfa T Crossbars - 55cm
Elfa Top Track - 1248mm
Elfa Large Modular Wardrobe 2
Elfa Freestanding - Foot Height Extenders
Elfa Mesh Basket 55cm x 54cm - Shallow
Elfa Classic Complete Solution
Elfa Medium Modular Wardrobe 3
Elfa Shelf Divider for Wire Shelf - 50cm
Elfa Large Modular Wardrobe 3
Elfa Top Track - 936mm
Elfa Large Modular Wardrobe 8
Elfa Small Modular Wardrobe 2
Elfa Basket Shelf - 90cm x 40cm
£45.30    £36.24
Elfa Shelving Starter Kit 4
Elfa Shelving Starter Kit 5
Elfa Small Modular Wardrobe 4
Elfa Decor Mirror
Elfa Small Modular Wardrobe 5
Elfa Office Shelving Solution
Elfa Click in Melamine Shelf - 45cm x 50cm
Elfa Large Modular Wardrobe 1
Elfa Mesh Drawer Divider Multi - Shallow
Elfa Mesh Drawer Divider Multi - Medium
Elfa Divider for Wire Shelf - 30cm
Elfa Medium Modular Wardrobe 7
Elfa Medium Modular Wardrobe 8
Elfa Large Modular Wardrobe 6
Elfa Classic Trouser Glider - 60cm
Elfa Over Door Hook Set
Elfa Large Modular Wardrobe 4
Elfa Top Board - 35cm wide
Elfa Door Tidy
Elfa Hangmate Magazine Rack
Elfa Single Shoe Rack
Elfa Valet Rod
Elfa Classic Trouser Glider
Elfa L Shaped Book Support
Elfa Freestanding Upright - 2.12m
Elfa Freestanding Upright - 1m
Elfa Decor Shelf - 90cm x 40cm
Elfa Clothes Rail Kit - Wall to Frame
Elfa Bracket Cover & Clothes Rail Holder
Lock Clip for Elfa Wall Bar
£9.30    £7.44
Elfa Shelf Liner - 45cm x 40cm
Back SoonElfa Shelf Liner - 90cm x 40cm
£12.70    £10.16
Elfa Tool Board - 45cm
Elfa Top Track - 64cm
Elfa Top Track - 1.25m
Elfa Top Track - 1.86m
Elfa Top Track Cover - 58cm
Elfa Clothes Rail Kit - Centre
Elfa Decor Shelf - 60cm x 30cm
£42.50    £34.00

About Elfa

Elfa was founded in Sweden by Arne Lydmar in 1948. The company has been designing and making made-to-measure storage for over 70 years.

Elfa International A.B. has subsidiaries in Denmark, Norway, France and Poland. The elfa product is distributed in UK and Ireland by Förvara Ltd.

Their amazing modular system is both simple to install and oozes the quality you would expect from a timeless Scandinavian design.

Elfa brings a new dimension to innovative storage. With it's modern, functional design, elfa makes it easy to create a storage solution tailored to your individual needs.

Constantly innovating, elfa's latest range includes the luxurious wooden Décor range, ideal for a stylish dressing room or walk-in wardrobe. The new Elfa Utility range offers practical storage for garages and sheds.