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How to organise everything in your home with Elfa

How to organise everything in your home with Elfa

“I want to tidy my wardrobe”

“I want some storage in my study”

“I want to sort out the mess in my utility room”

“I want the High St one I found, but it won’t fit my space, do you do anything similar?”

“I want some shelves in the garage”

“I want to fit book shelves in my living room”

“I want to fit coats and shoes in the space in my hallway”

“I want to sort out the kids’ room and tidy away their toys and clothes”

“I want to organise my clothes and shoes”

“I want a quote for my wardrobe”

Is this you?

Then you want Elfa?

With Elfa, we’ll show you how easy it is to sort out and store everything in every room in your home.

We’re Elfa fanatics and here’s why we think you’ll love it too…

Elfa is modular

Just like with LEGO, you can build Elfa up to create bespoke storage with endless opportunities to suit you, your style and your space. 

Elfa is adaptable

Because it’s modular, it’s adaptable. So again just like LEGO, you can rejig it all over again at any time.  Elfa grows with you and your family and as your life changes.

Changeable: You could have Elfa for your kids’ room now and redesign it into a study as they grow up. Or you may want to change a dining room into a bedroom, or a garage into a utility room. Or take your wardrobe design and use as storage in your kitchen storage or for your art and craft stuff – or even as lounge display space. Elfa makes it easy.

Flexible: e.g. if you choose a basic package now, just add to it over time. You know it’ll fit: it’s not permanently designed for just one space. So you can rearrange, add or subtract, swap shelves and drawers for baskets and boxes. It’s utterly flexible to fit your life now and in the future…

Portable: So unlike built-in wardrobes or cabinets, you can take it with you to your next home and adapt it to your new space. 

Elfa is a quality design

It’s bright, airy and has typical minimalist modern Swedish styling. For 65+ years Elfa have beautifully engineered high quality modular systems that are built to last: it’s guaranteed for 10 years.

Elfa is stronger 

Elfa’s wall-bars bear more weight than traditional shelving. Plus, most pieces have a durable epoxy coating to resist chips and rust. 

Elfa is easy to install 

The top track is only part that needs to be screwed to the wall: so your wall isn’t riddled with holes. Then everything clicks into place: you can easily adjust any shelf up or down to fit any sized item.

Elfa has a huge choice

We’ve 15+ Elfa starter sets, 85 best-selling room solutions, plus 100+ pieces so you can create your own design from scratch. 

We’ve every Elfa solution for every room, including… 

If you’ve got it we’ll help you store it…

Elfa is our No.1 storage solution for your home…

Bedroom: for fitted, freestanding or open or walk in wardrobes and dressing rooms. 

For clothes, shoes, hats, accessories etc.

Kitchen: for kitchen cabinets, larger and pantry. For food, pots, plates, cutlery, 

gadgets and gizmos.

Utility room: for washing and cleaning products, pegs, iron and dogs bowls etc. 

Bathroom: for towels and toiletries, make-up, beauty and haircare items.

Kids bedroom: for their clothes and shoes, toys and teddies, books and homework.

Playroom: for toys, games and dressing up outfits etc.

Nursery: for clothes, changing stations, playtime and sleep.

Craft room or studio: for craft, hobby and art equipment 

Lounge: for books, magazines, games, jigsaws and remote controls

Home office: for bills and paperwork.

Hallway, landing and porch: for bedding, shoes, walking boots, wellies, hats, gloves and scarves

Garage, attic, shed, workshop and outbuildings: Christmas decorations, DIY, garden equipment.

Any space, any angle, any obstacle

There’s no space too big, too small or too complicated for Elfa. We see sloping ceilings, high ceilings, alcoves, windows, under stairs, chimney breasts, beams, turned corners or bay windows as opportunities for beautiful storage space. 

Elfa makes the most of every square inch so there’s no wasted space. On the flat or the slope, for an entire room or compact corner, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, with Elfa you maximise every inch, so you’ve more room to fit more in.

Scratching your head where to start?

• Don’t worry: our FREE Design Service is here: call +441244-680-501 or email and we’ll tailor a solution for your space. 

Looking for Ikea Bedroom Storage?

Then look at Elfa. We think our modular system is better. Much better, plus it has a 10-year guarantee. Don't just take our word for it: see what our customers say, try some Elfa storage and you be the judge.

How to organise your bedroom and wardrobe with Elfa

Is your wardrobe a jumble of jeans and jumpers? Are you looking for fitted wardrobe fixtures, or ways to organise wardrobe interiors, or some sliding wardrobe interior shelving? Are you searching for walk in wardrobe ideas or dressing room interiors? Is space tight or do you have a box room, but need storage? Then Elfa maximises your bedroom space to create a haven with everything tidied away so you can completely relax. 

Love your bedroom, love your storage. 

Pop our Clothes Storage Elfa Starter Kit with its 4 wire baskets into your wardrobe and air can circulate around your clothes keeping them fresh. 

25+ bedroom storage solutions for you: 

How to organise your kids bedroom or playroom with Elfa 

… and breathe… it’s Elfa to international rescue…  


Elfa grows with your kids – and their clothes – just adjust and add to it as their needs grow.

How to organise your utility room with Elfa 

It’s now easy to turn a confusion of cleaning and washing products into a properly organised space…

How to organise your kitchen, pantry and larder with Elfa 

Elfa can transform a chaotic kitchen into a calm, ordered space that you can be proud of. 

Our Elfa Starter Basket Kit: it has 4 mesh drawers for fruit, vegetables, tins and jars etc., plus the white top board is ideal for prepping. Plus with optional castors, you can wheel it out when you need it and wheel it back afterwards: so it’s a clever space saver too. 

Our Elfa Basket & Universal Runners stop items getting lost at the back of kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, home office etc. Simply slide out the whole cupboard contents in baskets on rails. 

How to organise your lounge with Elfa 

Elfa has beautiful bookcases plus more, so you can relax…

How to organise your hallway with Elfa 

How to organise your office or home office with Elfa 

Now you can have a home office that works for you. Priced to suit your office budget, it’ll please the inner finance director in you.

How to organise your loft, garage or shed with Elfa 

Is your attic, garage, or shed a nightmare? Are your DIY tools in turmoil, your cables in chaos and paint pots poised precariously?  

How to organise your craft room or studio with Elfa 

Now you can keep all your and craft stuff in one place…

Elfa stores them all neatly and tidily all in one place and saves you time: everything’s easy to grab-n-go. Plus, the ventilated mesh weave baskets are fine enough to stop items falling through. 

Elfa is better by far for every room

These kits and towers suit any space. Take our Mesh Elfa Basket Tower: it’s practical, versatile and affordable… for bedroom clothes, bathroom towels and toiletries, home office paperwork, utility room cleaning products, garage tools, craft items and painting brushes. With 4 drawers it sorts out your mess – and the tight mesh means allows air to circulate but not let things fall through.

How to organise under your sink with Elfa 

Working around your kitchen or bathroom U-bend is no longer an awkward problem. Our Elfa Easy Glide Storage with a slide-out basket on runners, is ideal for toiletries and cleaning products. 

How to store more on your door with Elfa 

Elfa makes more of your walls: Maximise your vertical storage, minimise your footprint, so you’ve more room to ‘breathe’.

Everything shown above is part of our Elfa Collection

Want’s something different? 

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