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Why Do Kids Love LEGO?

What makes Lego a great toy?

We all have our very own Lego brick memories. Lego has been in our hands through the building blocks of our lives – you likely used it in some of your very first creative moments.

So, what is it about Lego that captures both our hearts and our imaginations?


Is it the bright, primary colours? Or the familiar, organised shapes? Could it be a childhood memory from long ago or perhaps that old sensation of a painfully misplaced brick underfoot? ...ouch!

Whatever the reasons behind its popularity, Lego remains a firm household favourite.

Create your own vision

No matter what your creative vision is, our stylish and wide range of giant Lego storage devices will easily adapt to your home whilst never failing to bring a smile to the faces of visitors.  We showcase an array of colourful, durable, officially-licensed Lego products – the perfect fit for all sorts of spaces, styles, rooms and special occasions.

From lunch at school to a drink at the pool, from an addition to the new office to a present for the Lego novice; . Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we give you… the humble Lego brick.


Lego: Scaled up / Big is beautiful

Your eyes don't deceive you - this is giant Lego.

These official giant Lego storage bricks are shaped to the precise ratios of the Lego that we all know and love. It's just that our bricks are... huge.

Each giant Lego storage box comes in four different sizes; helping us to meet the needs of both the budding beginner and the expert brick builder alike. For the more organised amongst us, our sturdy and practical Lego storage drawers can help to keep Lego sets, bricks, manuals and ideas separate.


Colour? We've got your back.

Our stylish Lego boxes and drawer units come in a vast array of shades that are sure to spark the joy in any space. If you're thinking of re-invigorating a room with a splash of colour, then our Lego vibrant bundle is a cost-effective way to bring a fresh light to any environment.

Lego Block Bundles

The classic primary colours of blue, yellow and red Lego bricks are now complimented with a wash of vibrant colours and can add a great finishing touch to any room. Check out our range of Lego bundles which offer you a quick influx of storage and colour with the added value of a per-brick saving.


Organisation; it's child's play.

Toddlers and young children seem to really love making mess. In the flash of an eye, a room turns into a forest of jigsaw shapes, dolls, bricks and books. With our large range of storage devices, our aim is to help you avoid these occasions and bring order to the chaos.


Our stackable storage cubes are the perfect, multi-purpose ally in our battle against disorganisation. Lego bricks and children's toys can be sorted into storage boxes, drawers, containers or bins and then easily slotted into our line of robust, multi-purpose, wooden storage cubes.


Space – it's whatever you make it

Not everyone has the space for a designated playroom. These days, most families have multi-functional living spaces, or activity rooms, where the majority of our living happens.

For subtle additions to spaces of this type, our Lego design bundle offers you more muted colours. Our range of pastel tones can colour-match the décor of any room, whilst the bold and versatile black and white bricks offer both contrast and definition.


Up, up and display.

Shelving offers us the perfect solution to our storage needs – it simply maximises space in the office, lounge or bedroom. Our wide range of beautifully designed and methodically manufactured shelves make the perfect home for your new Lego builds and for the Lego storage devices that house all your bits and bobs.

Creating, and developing new ways of doing things, is what Lego is all about.


For a playful touch, why not 'start a conversation' with some speech bubble shaped shelves. You can place your prized brick creations or your favourite Lego Mini-figures in pride of place for all to admire.

If colour is your thing, our stylish transparent toy storage globes look great filled with Lego. They are a sleek and useful addition to the office and a space saver for the lounge or bedroom. It's pointless hiding all those colourful bricks away – proudly display them in this simple, quirky yet effective, storage device.


Storage – it's all in the head

Rule number one: keep your head whilst organising.

Whether in the kitchen, in the office, playroom or even the garden – a giant Lego man storage head will always give the desired impact to a room. There are tons of uses for these iconic heads – just remove the lid and fill it with anything your heart desires.  

These are ideal as fruit bowls and are handy to hold precious trinkets; or odds and ends. You name it - paintbrushes, marbles, hairbrushes, flowers and beyond.

Storage with a smile – what more could you ask for?


We love how things fit together.

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