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Smart Ways To Store Things On The Back Of A Door

Our homes have limits. By spreading out our things, we can waste precious floor space and feel hemmed in. So let's set our sights further and discover a whole new world of storage: vertically. By maximising our vertical space, we minimises your footprint – so we've more room to move around – it's not rocket science. Here we show you the best over-door ideas to make your storage really take off in another dimension...

Modern and classic door hooks

Doors aren't just for hooks. Although we have plenty of those in both traditional and contemporary styles. Take a butchers at these...

But why go for just one row of hooks when you can have several...

Door Storage for the Bedroom or Bathroom

Who says over door storage is just for coats? Try these handy designs for towels and scarves...

This Over Door Clothes Drying Rack gives you 6.7m of drying space for, so it's ideal for a utility room or any room, especially if you can't fit in an airer. Plus, when it's not in use, it folds flat against the door. Now that is a clever space saver.

Take a look at these unusual storage hooks for clothes, your ironing, shoes and more...

Door storage for the kitchen

Or try these clever space-saving designs for inside and outside your drawers and cupboard doors in your kitchen as well as your bathroom, bedroom or home office etc...

Top Tip: Try lining the bottom of your baskets with a piece of card so that small items don't fall through or get stuck.

Door hooks for hats

Our Hanging Hat and Cap Rack neatly stores your headgear over loops so they keep their shape.

Top Tip: Try this idea for holding scarves and pashminas too.

Door storage for jewellery

Jewellery, hair bobbles, accessories and more can be stored on your door with our Valerina Organiser...

Door storage for shoes

With our Large Over Door Shoe Rack, you can store up to 30 pairs of shoes – yes, even with heels!

While our 16 Pocket Over Door Organiser is great for shoes, teddies, craft items, make-up etc..

Elfa Door Racks

At The Store we're big fans of Elfa. They're cleverly designed, well built, wonderfully affordable, endlessly changeable – and they store everything so neatly, so calmness and order is restored.So they maximise your space – however much or little space you have.

Door Storage for Cooking Ingredients

Is your kitchen crammed? Are your cupboards full up? Then take a look at what we've got in store for over your door. Our Elfa Pantry Storage is your store cupboard on your door. It can store spices, herbs, oil and vinegar bottles, cans and jars, cling film and tin foil, bits and bobs for baking and more – so now you can clear the clutter from work surfaces. Just like all Elfa storage, you can reposition the baskets up or down to fit different sized items you buy. Plus, you can pick and go: just take the ingredient baskets you want over to your workstation and back again afterwards.

Door Storage for Craft

We have an Elfa Craft Room Door Rack and an Elfa Over Door Gift Wrap Store, so now you can get creative with how you store too.

Door Storage for Music

Our Elfa Media Storage lets you chill out with a zen-calm peace of mind as you know that all the music and video games are neatly tidied away. It's also great for kids' playroom and bedroom storage.

Top Tip: What's in a name? Just because it's called Pantry, Media, Utility, Office storage etc., doesn't mean you can't use it elsewhere. If it looks ideal what does it matter what it's called? So try it in your bedroom for all your jewellery, accessories, hair, make-up and beauty items, your hats and handbags, your socks and pants, underwear and lingerie. Or how about in your bathroom for your toiletries, soaps, shampoos and conditioners, flannels and towels. And don't forget your porch, back door, boot room for hats, gloves and scarves, snacks and water bottles – and even brushes to clean off the mud and towels to dry you off. And they're also ideal for your nursery... bibs, blankets, burp cloths, bottles, bottle brush, breast pump, barrier cream, booties, books, bears, building blocks, bubble bath, baby oil, baby powder, babygrows... and those are just the B's!

Door Storage for Pets

Whether you've only one precious pooch or a whole host of handsome hounds, our Elfa Doggy Daycare Door Rack neatly stores everything for them in one place. So now collars and leads, brushes and bottles, biscuits and poo bags, toys, towels and treats, food and supplements, medicines and more are all close to hand when taking out your furry friends.

Door Storage for Utility Rooms

It's so quick and easy with our Elfa Laundry Room Door Rack to store everything from washing powder to clothes pegs and towels. It works brilliantly as bathroom storage too.

Top Tip: Think outside the box: These solutions also work brilliantly on the doors of your garage, shed, summerhouse, outbuildings, workshop or your business.

Door Storage for Home Office

This is a smart storage solution, whether for your home office or your office away from home. It's also priced to please the inner finance director in you – plus write it off against business tax too!

From over-door hooks to over-cabinet storage, we've game-changing solutions so you can find exactly what you want, whenever you want.Everything shown above is part of our over-door collection so that your storage can go up in the world.