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6. Elfa Accessories.

elfa offers a great range of accessories which have all been well thought out to add a little bit of extra storage. We've got a gliding tie and belt rack, valet rods, shelf liners, drawer dividers, bracket covers, top track covers and more. Some of the products here aren't essential but make for great finishing touches.


Elfa Valet Rod
£14.20    £11.36
Elfa Gliding Tie and Belt Rack
Elfa Decor Fascia - 60cm
Elfa Decor Fascia - 45cm
Elfa Gift Wrap Holder
£9.80    £7.84
Elfa Decor Bracket Hook
Elfa Extending Valet Rod
Elfa Decor Expandable Valet Rod
£21.70    £17.36
Elfa Classic Trouser Glider - 60cm
Elfa Centre Click in Bracket Cover - 30cm
Elfa Click in Bracket Cover
Elfa Bookend Supports - Pack of 2
Elfa Mesh Drawer Divider Multi - Shallow
Elfa Mesh Drawer Divider Multi - Medium
Elfa Mesh Drawer Divider - Medium
Elfa Over Door Hook Set
Elfa Door and Wall Rack Board 12 Slot - 45cm
Elfa Shelf Clips
£4.10    £3.28
Elfa Decor Fascia for Gliding Mesh Shoe Shelf
Elfa Angled Shoe Shelf - 60cm
Elfa Fascia Clips for Angled Shoe Shelf
Elfa Decor Mirror
£95.10    £76.08
Elfa Decor Accessory Shelf
Elfa Divider for Wire Shelf - 30cm
Elfa Shelf Divider for Wire Shelf - 50cm
Elfa Clothes Rail Kit - Wall to Frame
Elfa Clothes Rail Kit - Centre
Elfa Label Holder for Wire Shelf - Set of 4
Elfa Shelf Liner - 45cm x 40cm
Elfa Shelf Liner - 60cm x 40cm
Elfa Shelf Liner - 90cm x 30cm
£10.60    £8.48
Elfa Shelf Liner - 90cm x 40cm
£12.70    £10.16
Elfa Single Shoe Rack
£14.30    £11.44
Elfa Classic Trouser Glider
£50.30    £40.24
Lock Clip for Elfa Wall Bar
£9.30    £7.44
Elfa Door and Wall DVD Rack
£12.10    £9.68